簡單不賣關子: Darebee 就是我現在正在使用的健身網站

起始的動機是:怕在家工作,太宅、太無聊、猛吃就變胖,同時想要養成「每天」運動的習慣,保持良好免疫力+身體健康。過去在德國新冠病毒還沒開始的時候是每週三去上 1 小時 Zumba+每周四去做 1.5 小時的瑜珈,但因為疫情的關係,課全停了,所以索性上網找。


  1. 超過1400種健身動作
  2. 可以自己做時間+體能上的調整,我選擇的大概一天不超過30分鐘
  3. 可以搜尋自己喜歡的種類,挑選 program,提供以月為單位的健身計畫,或是要針對身體的哪個部分健身,可能可以取代去健身房請教練設計健身計畫(當然無法完全取代)
  4. 開啟cookie可以記錄每次進度,不會忘了做了幾個sets
  5. 可以排除某些不喜歡的動作,像我就不喜歡伏地挺身
  6. 營養飲食建議食譜
  7. 內建計時器
  8. 介面很舒服
  9. 有動作指示影片 Video Exercise Library

我怎麼做 ?
例如 : Athena’s Playbook ,一個program有30天,大部份分成 3 個級別,主要是依照重複幾個 sets 來分級,我剛剛好從月初開始做,例如:4/1 做 Day 1 、 4/2 做 Day 2,並且規定自己洗澡前做,所以只要想要去洗澡就會想到健身,因為很短,每次只要10分鐘左右,想偷懶都會覺得罪惡,所以不知不覺就習慣了!再加上我最近放的音樂是 Beach house 系列,所以提醒我夏天快來了~度假要穿比基尼就要養好體態!

為什麼特別寫網誌推薦 ?

[Sport-Ski]2020 Feb Ski trips in Ehrwald (Zugspitze), Austria-Uni Tuebingen – with German ski terms

From 2019 Feb, I decided to start a nice winter outdoor sport – ski. This year was my 2nd time to attend this sport course from Uni Tuebingen, which open also for publics. The teachers are very experienced, and the whole program was well organized with nice 3-star hotel with sauna and pool. 3-days ski pass, accomodation, coaching and transportation by university minibus were all included in the course price.

The scenary from cable car. 從纜車上往楚格峰上看的景色。

Ski area
It is at Ehrwald, locating at Austrian side of Zugspitze. Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany with 2,962 m (9,718 ft) above sea level. Compare to other ski area, this area is relatively small but very suitable for beginners.
For more details of Ski area, please visit: https://www.bergfex.at/wettersteinbahnen-ehrwald/panorama/

Near around Gamskarlift

Accomodation Hotel Feneberg Ehrwald
The main picture was taken from the balcony of this hotel in the morning.
We had double room or triple room with half pension (breakfast and dinner).
The food there in 2019 was very good. However, in 2020, it became buffet style, which was not so tasty compare to 2019. (I remember in 2019 it was still 4 or 5 -stars hotel, perhaps it leveled down?)

Food from the hotel Feneberg Ehrwald in 2019. Feb, well decorated and extremely tasty!

This course was mainly for absolute beginners and beginners, i.e. have none or only a few experiences, e.g. less than 10 days ski experiences in total, or not good at skiing parallelly.

the teachers have the coaching license from Deutscher Skiverband (DSV) Ausbildung (Ski – und Snowboardlehrerschule) with several years of coaching experiences. They are the sport teachers of the university Tuebingen, Germany.

Although the teachers can speak a bit English, the course was hold in German. Perhaps you would like to have a crash course of German ski terms.

GermanEnglishMandarin (Chinese)
Skigebiet, SkiortSki area, ski resort滑雪場/區/聖地
Skipiste, pisteSki slope滑雪道
SkihangSki slope滑雪坡道
SkiliftSki lift滑雪纜車
SchleppliftT-bar liftT-桿纜車 (不能坐,只能撐著你的身體上山坡,要穩住 Ski 或 snowboard)
SkistiefelSki boots滑雪鞋
SkibrilleSki goggles滑雪眼鏡
Stock (Stöcke)Stick (s)雪杖
SkihelmSki helmet安全帽
Der Pflug (pizza) Pflug fahrenthe plow Drive the plow八字滑降;犁式滑降
Kante (-n)Edge雪板鋼邊壓邊
Gewicht verlagern zu linken/rechten Seite nach vorner/hinten SeiteWeight shifting To left/ right side to the front / back side重心轉換 向左/右 向前/後
Bergseitig <>TalseitigMountain side <> valley side上坡面<>下坡面
MogulMogul饅頭;丘狀障礙物。 不整地雪面、亂雪堆
Skilehrer (-in)Ski instructor滑雪指導員,指導一般想進步的滑雪者

This time, in Feb 2020, I could see clear differences between last year from the climate change. Last year, the thickness of the snow next to the road was higher than 1.5 m and on the rooftop was at least 30 cm. The ski area made some artificial snow, which is of course energy consuming. That makes me concern more whether to keep this hobby. However, at least I do my best to concern the environment with simple steps. It could be simply seal the pockets of your clothes well, so that your personal belongings or trashes will not drop out while skiing. Or pick up the trashes on the snow. After ski season, the snow melt, there are always lots of trashes at the ski area. My friend even dropped his phone in the thick snow and cannot find it back at all. Hope everyone could pay a bit more concern for our beautiful nature while enjoying our time! I might not give up skiing easily, but I will keep those eco-friendly concern in mind.

A small lake next to the station of Gamskarlift