About Ümi (玉米)

歡迎來到Ümi ∞ space 玉米的無限分享空間,目前我在德國攻讀環境微生物學博士,是個大自然愛好者,我會在此跟大家分享工作、生活、學習、旅行、身邊朋友的一些小故事和資訊,以及近期個人有興趣的話題,有興趣的讀者也很歡迎跟我對話。為了讓不懂中文的朋友們看懂,這裡會有些文章會是英文的版本。若文章有任何錯誤或不妥,請不吝指教。
為何要叫做Ümi「玉米」呢? 「玉米」是我從六歲就有同學幫我取的綽號,因為我的本名幾乎是一樣的發音。德文的[ Ü ] 跟台灣的注音符號「ㄩ」是一樣的發音,並且這個 Ü 看起來其實很像兩個眼睛加上一個大大的微笑,剛好符合我開朗的個性,因此我很喜歡這個德文字母!

Welcome to Ümi’s sharing space. I am a Taiwanese PhD student in Germany and a lover of nature.
Here is a space for me to share what I learnt, experienced and thought. From reading, traveling and meeting people, I am seeking the wisdom of life. If you are also interested in the topics I shared, or want to share your stories with me, feel free to communicate with me.
Why use ” Ü “, because in German, it sounds part of my Mandarin name and it looks like a big smile, which is always shown on my face. 😉